All my love I give to you,
You are my dearest one
In all the world,
Know I love you too

All my sunshine and my rain,
You hold inside your heart
Never in all my life.
Did I ever feel before,
Until I found my way
Inside your very door.

All my love I give to you,
In the day and when night breaks through.
You are my anchor
In my soul, you give me sweet content,
I give all my love to you.

All my love I give to you,
With every passing day,
This is what I want from life,
To know you will always stay.


ادامه مطلب
+ نوشته شده توسط عارف در یکشنبه شانزدهم اسفند 1388 و ساعت 19:57 |

Always In My Heart

When I want to hold you close to me
I open up my heart
You are the first I see
The greatest love to me

When I want to take your hand,
I picture in my dreams,
All you are to me,
All you will ever be.

You are always in my heart,
My kiss is in your eyes,
I have never been this close,
You’re the greatest love I know.

My love for you will never end,
So kiss me once again,
With my eyes closed so I can hear you breathe,
With a love I dearly need.

Here in my heart,
You will always stay,
For true and lasting love,
Is just made that way.

Forever my love is you, in everything I do,
Once in a lifetime you find a great love,
Then you know time will not leave,
Always in my heart,
You are a part of me.

+ نوشته شده توسط عارف در پنجشنبه بیست و هفتم فروردین 1388 و ساعت 19:41 |

I Miss You

I sit here all along feeling so empty and lonely
I think of you often, every minute of the day
Wondering how you are, what you are doing.

Wishing I could hold you
I sit remembering all we’ve shared
Dreaming of all that will be,
And crying a tear for every minute we are apart.

At times will tell myself I am strong
And the time apart will go quickly
Yet at another I sit and cry and wonder why.
I must hurt this way.

Though somewhere in the loneliness
Somewhere in the emptiness
I find myself feeling very loved
And I realize that it’s not the loving that hurts so much
It’s being without you…

+ نوشته شده توسط عارف در پنجشنبه بیست و هفتم فروردین 1388 و ساعت 19:39 |

For You Just Because You are Very Special to Me

For You Just Because… You’re Very Special to Me
I want this message to put a smile on your face.
I want it to remind you that you have been on my mind.
I want it to tell you that I think you’re wonderful.
I want it to be a beautiful part of this day.

And I want it to help you remember -
every time you remember it in the days yet to be -
that this message was sent to you…

just because
you’re very special to me.

+ نوشته شده توسط عارف در پنجشنبه بیست و هفتم فروردین 1388 و ساعت 19:32 |

A Message From Me To You

Remember to always say what you mean.
If you love someone, tell them.
Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Reach out and tell someone what they mean to you.
Because when you decide that it is
the right time it might be too late.

Seize the day. Never have regrets.

And most importantly, stay close to your friends and family,
for they have helped make you the person that you are today.

You have received this message because
I noticed that you are always there for me,
and I really appreciated your comforts and supports.

+ نوشته شده توسط عارف در پنجشنبه بیست و هفتم فروردین 1388 و ساعت 19:29 |

Before The Night Is Over

Before the night is over,
Let me tell you how much I care.
Whatever happens later,
I know your heart goes with me everywhere.

Before the night is over,
Hold my hand as I say a prayer in tears.
For I looked the whole world over,
Only to find you already here.

Before the night is over,
I want to share the stars with you.
You are my dearest,
The one who loves me too.

Before the night is over,
I do not know our fate.
As I watch you sleep tonight,
I want to stay with you,
Into the beautiful morning light.

So kiss me tenderly,
In your arms I want to stay,
For all the tomorrows,
Your life is part of me.

Before the night is over,
My soul shines in your eyes.
Take me with you,
To where ever you may be.
Before the night is over,
You are the only love I see

+ نوشته شده توسط عارف در پنجشنبه بیست و هفتم فروردین 1388 و ساعت 19:18 |

Have I ever told you,
How much I love you so?
Have I ever told you,
You are the very heart of me?
Come to the paradise,
Where we can be one with nature,
And live our life forever free.

Have I ever told you,
My heart beats for you alone?
All the stars in the sky,
Will always shine in your eyes.
Come, hold my hand,
Our love is forever true,
Let us walk in the moonlight,
There all our dreams are ever new.

Have I ever told you,
Just how beautiful you are to me?
Music is playing a love song,
Which is meant just for me and you.
I watch as I see you smile,
Your eyes take my breath away.
Hold me in your arms,
I want it always to be just this way.

Time is of the essence 
Whenever you are near 
Hearts are joined in happiness 
With love we feel sincere 
Dancing on an ocean 
Or floating in the air 
Experience we treasure 
In our endless love affair 
You are always with me 
Within your heart I stay 
Vowed to love each other 
We capture every day 
So stay with me my darling 
Until the sun is gone 
Within the dawn a certainty 
Our love will carry on

جاده  عشق  بی  انتهاست 

+ نوشته شده توسط عارف در جمعه نوزدهم آبان 1385 و ساعت 19:38 |

Forever Love

Forever love, I call to you
You are my heart, forever true
As I wait here in the park
I see lovers caress each others heart.

Forever love, in my mind I hold you near.
I know you are forever dear,
Love this strong can never die.
In my soul, I see you lie.

Forever love, come what may.
I look for you to walk the path.
In the park, where all thing beautiful will last.

I see the grass so green,
The water in the little stream,
How the birds fly into the sun,
And a butterfly, in my lap,
All this wonder, for us, will never pass.

Forever love, I call your name.
My voice is full of passon,
You could never change,
I see you run into my arms.
I rest my head on your dear chest.
Forever love, I know you are real.
Our life begins, there is only you.

+ نوشته شده توسط عارف در پنجشنبه هجدهم آبان 1385 و ساعت 15:21 |


All I Know Of Love

When I see your face in my mind,
You are all I need or ever need to find.
All I know of love is in your voice,
You are in the stars shining through,
I have so much love, in my heart for you.

I see your soul in your eyes,
Let me sing to you what I know is true,
All I am, is all in you.
Days come and go, yet I will be
To my end, forever in love with you.

All I know of love, is in your name
I call at night, I hold you in my arms
Across the distance to your heart,
Keep me safe in your embrace,
Your arms hold me to your chest,
So I can rest and make the best
Of loving you.
So stay with me, in my soul,
Now and forever, never let me go.

ادامه مطلب
+ نوشته شده توسط عارف در سه شنبه شانزدهم اسفند 1384 و ساعت 19:58 |

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